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Giuseppe gip Casuccio

eCom & Customer Experience Consultant

Crafting Tailored eCommerce Experiences, Empowering Growth

Leverage extensive expertise in optimizing digital retail platforms and enhancing customer interactions.

As a Senior eCommerce and Customer Experience Consultant, my role revolves around strategic guidance and operational execution to ensure eCommerce platforms operate seamlessly, driving revenue growth and fostering engaging customer journeys.​


and Services

From orchestrating platform evolution to crafting immersive customer experiences, optimizing operations, leading dynamic teams, and spearheading innovation.

Platform Evolution

Strategizing and overseeing eCommerce platform evolution to guarantee stability, scalability, and peak performance.

Customer-Centric Experiences

Crafting customer-centric experiences across digital touchpoints, analyzing data to refine interactions and bolster retention.

eCommerce Operations

Managing day-to-day eCommerce operations, optimizing processes from inventory management to order fulfillment, payment processing, and logistics.

Collaboration Catalyst & Team Growth

Leading high-performing teams, fostering collaboration, setting clear objectives, training individuals, and steering cohesive digital initiatives.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Staying abreast of industry trends and technological advancements to implement innovative solutions, continuously elevating the eCommerce landscape.

Brand Collabs

My working journey spans across industry leaders, each experience contributing to my expertise in elevating eCommerce Operations and Customer Experiences.

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